Can A Custom Chin Implant Add Vertical Length?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m not able to find any image for a “custom made vertical” chin implant. I’m trying to figure out what a vertical chin implant might look like,where it will sit on the chin bone or where the screws will be fixed.

1. Please can you show an image for a custom made vertical chin implant and where it will sit on the chin bone. Hopefully this type of implant will be able to augment 4 millimeters vertically.I read that extended anatomical gives a more natural fit?)

2. If a patient  already has a CT scan (including DICOM) of their current jaw/chin bone in order to design a custom made implant; how many weeks will they have to be in Indianapolis to have the jaw angle/chin implants made plus have the surgery done and be safe before they fly out of indiana back to their country? (4wks,6wks?)

(Just in case the implants may result in any infection, how many weeks should one really stay in Indianapolis and wait until it’s safe to know everything is OK before leaving Indiana/the US? Thank you

A: A custom chin implant can be made any way one wants or needs it to be shaped. It can provide the required vertical increase (4mms in your case) and has a lip or edge that goes up over the lower end of the chin bone so it can be secured into place by screw fixation. No standard or preformed chin implant today (other than my small vertical lengthening chin implant can create this type of chin change)

If one has an existing 3D CT scan that reflects the current jaw shape, it can certainly be used. The CT scan is simply sent to me and the implant design is done from here. There is no need for the patient to be here to have it done. The patient only comes in for the surgery and can return home in a few days. There is no need to stay here any longer. And staying here any longer has notbenefit from an infection standpoint. The infection risk is so low (less than 1%) with facial implants and its occurrence could be weeks or months later if it does occur.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana