Can A Custom Brow Bone Implant Fix My Over Reduced Brow Bones and Surprised Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, For a long time I have had some major insecurities with forehead. I liked my look but not side profile.I went to a FFS doctor to do a forehead reduction since I felt it was so masculine and people have always said I look different from my side profile and this was a huge problem for me. I could not even wear sunglasses because my forehead stuck out too much. I told the doctor to not remove to much bone, nothing from my forehead but only the bone you take out and put in. I said to him to not shave my brow bones to much since I like my look around my eyes and to NOT give me the «surprised look» 

My brow bione is almost completely shaved and not existing. I am so so so sad, and this has ruined my whole facial expression. I have been deeply depressed since the surgery.. I found you and you brow bone implant, and I think now you are my only hope to get back my look and protection around my eyes. Is it possible to fix this?

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending yiour pictures.You unfortunately represent an overcorrection brow bone reduction result. Fortunately it can be improved/partially reversed by a custom brow bone implant. To avoid going completely back to where you started you probably only need a 3 to 4mm thick implant at most. Attached is an example of such an implant footprint although your implant thicknesses would be different. You already have the access incision to place ot of which scar revision could be done on it at the same time

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana