Can A Chin Reduction, Cheek Implants and Rhinoplasty All Be Done At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was told in a consultation with a local plastic surgeon that I needed cheek implants, chin reduction (just shaving the bone down and removing some fat/skin), and a little off the hump in my nose. That is the basis for my inquiry. Even though those were his suggestions, I still wanted to keep looking because I didn’t see that he had a very extensive client base where he had performed all of those at once…or more than one procedure at the same time. 

I normally pose differently and make myself look better in pictures, but my profile is very flat in the cheek area and prominent in the chin. I’d like to get this corrected somehow, but I think with so many things to address at once, I get concerned that the surgery would be very noticeable and I would look like a different person all together… 

A: In reviewing your pictures, I could make the following comments:

Your vertically long but non-projecting chin would be best treated by an extra oral vertical reduction ostectomy. (submental chin reduction) A burring technique would not remove nearly enough. You need at least 8mms or more off to really make a difference.

Your flat mid facial profile is ideally treated by a combination of paranasal and malar shell cheek implants. This will help pull out the entire midface. (both the nasal base and the cheeks)

You do have some significant facial asymmetry that actually affects the whole left side of the face. (which is shorter) The chin reduction will help with the lower facial asymmetry. The eye asymmetry, however, will not be improved.

One realization is that these changes will make a facial difference with much better balance…but it will likely be noticeable as your face gets vertically shorter and more horizontally projected.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indianapolis