Can A Chin Implant Be Downsized and The Submandibular Glands Removed At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, In 2018 I had a neck lift & chin implant. I have included a profile picture pre-surgery as well as a profile & frontal post surgery. Although I am pleased with the implant from the front… the profile angle, I do not like. I feel it is not positioned correctly as well as projecting too much. During the procedure in 2018 the doctor over liposuctioned the areas along my neck line and left dimples. In 2019 the same doctor transferred fat into those area to get rid of the dimpling. After having the neck lift my submandibular glands were more noticiable and cause my neck to look fuller since they were not addressed during the neck lift.

A: I would agree that the chin implant has provided too much projection. Without knowing exactly the implant material and its style and size I can not say exactly how to downsize it. I am not so sure that is positioned improperly but implant positioning is something i never guess at. A 3D CT scan will erase the ‘mystery’ of implant position on the bone as well as its shape and size. (provided it is silicone, Medpor can not be seen in a scan.

Correcting exposed submandibular glands after a facelift is usually best done by subtotal or total gland removal.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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