Can A Buttock Lift Fix My Sagging Buttocks After Liposuction?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had liposuction in buttock area  which was a big mistake and it has sagged and become loose. The lower crease has gone down and is asymetrical. I am not a big person and the amount should not be that much. I am interested in a buttock wedge excision. I have several questions:

1)) Does this require general anesthesia or can it be done just by local? Is IV sedation needed and can that make it riskier? I had general for the surgery initially and did not like it at all.

2) When the tuck is done can I still run and do aggressive exercises?

3) How permanent is the result? I want to make sure if I stay within 5 pounds of current weight the results don’t evaporate over time and follow up procedures are needed.

4) What are the risks involved? Since it is in the legs is it more riskier to get embolisms? Can this be fatal?

5) How long is the recovery? If out of town how long do i need to stay there and any flight restrictions?

6) I did check here locally and they told me the total procedure is 1 hour with Local and IV sedation. I was interested as you have more experience and they have not done it before and how long does it take?

7) If i am out of town how are complications handled if any?

Thank you a ton, and look forward to your response!

A: I am not a fan of liposuction to the buttocks and your outcome is exactly why. A lower buttock lift, what you call a wedge excision, can be a very effective solution ot ptosis or sagging of the lower buttocks. In answer to your questions:

1) It could be done under IV sedation. While it could be done under local anesthesia that is not how I would have it done.

2) You can return to all forms of exercise but you should wait 4 to 6 weeks before doing so.

3) It is a permanent result.

4) Embolisms are not a concern with lower buttock lifts.

5) You could fly home the next day or two.

6) I have done many lower buttock lifts over the years and I find the results very effective and satisfying in the properly selected patient. The procedure will take one hour to do.

7) The biggest ‘complication’ in buttock lifts is suture extrusions or small openings…all self-resolving problems. If any questions, send pictures of concerns by e-mail. That is how we handle all postoperative concerns from afar.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana