Can A Browlift Cure My Migraines?

Q: I have read that there is a cosmetic procedure that cures migraine headaches. I have had migraines for years and sometimes they are so bad I can’t leave the house. If there is an operation to cure this migraine problem, I would sign up for it in a minute! Can you tell what they are talking about?

A: The use of Botox for the treatment of  glabellar furrows (wrinkles between the eyes) has been done for decades. One of the very interesting findings from that cosmetic treatment was that plastic surgeons discovered that some patients with frontal migraines got a temporary cure, as long as the Botox lasted. The now proven theory is that in those patients with a focus of their migraines that starts above their eyes in the brow area are caused by the muscles squeezing the sensory nerves that exit from the bone there. This is why Botox relieves those migraines…it stops those muscles from working.

If you take that one step further, a browlift (of any type) can create the same effect as Botox except that its results will last much longer and maybe even permanently. That is because during a browlift some of the muscles are removed to prevent that type of wrinkling action. Recent studies and publications in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has shown that certain types of migraines can be cured by performing a modified forehead/brow lift. Therefore, the type of forehead lift used to cure migraines could also lead to one looking younger as well. This type of cosmetic operation has been shown to be safe, effective and can lead to a tremendous improvement in the quality of some migraine patient’s lives.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana