Can A Brow Bone Implant Give Me Reduced Upper Eyelid Exposure?

Q: Dr. Eppley, is there a treatment for upper eyelid exposure? I have moderate eyelid expsure and I want my eyes to be completely hooded, this normally occurs in men due a low set orbital bone and brow ridge. But my upper-orbitals are high-set which makes my upper eyelids exposed which are giving my eyes a tired and somewhat feminine look

Fillers usually work quite well for that, but they don’t cover up the upper eyelids to 100%. They also make the eyes look more Asian since Asians generally only have more fat in their upper eyelids, but i want hooded eyes due a low set brow/orbital bone.

Is it possible to place a implant on the upper orbitals/brow ridge?

A: While an implant can be placed in the brow bones, it is never going to have the effect of covering up 100% of the eyelids. You simply can’t drive down the eyebrows and upper eyelids to the major degree to which you seek. A brow bone implant primarily achieves an increased brows bone prominence which may have some slight influence on upper eyelid exposure but not to the degree that you seek.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana