Can a Breast Lift, Implant, and Reduction All Be Done At The Same Time?

Q:  My breasts are in terrible shape after having had 4 children and nursing them all. They are saggy and disgusting. I think they need a total breast overall. They look so bad I don’t even know if they can be helped. I have read about breast implants, breast lifts, and breast reductions and I think I need all three. Is it possible to have all three of the procedures I am asking for done at the same time?

A: The combination of a breast lift (skin reduction and tightening) with an implant is a very common procedure for the breast that is small in volume but has an excess amount of skin that sags over the lower breast crease. With the breast in this kind of shape, all three procedures are needed simultaneously to give a more pleasing and uplifted breast shape. This is the most difficult of all cosmetic breast procedures and is best thought of a breast reconstruction rather than a simple breast reshaping.

Unlike breast implants alone, this more extensive form of breast reshaping will result in scars on the breast. The scars will be similar to that of a breast reduction. Because of the difficulty of the procedure, secondary revisional surgery is not rare to get the best shape and symmetry between breasts that often start off not only badly shaped but different.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana