Calf Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in calf implants. I have thought about it for years. I am tired of being self-conscious in shorts. I’m almost 40 years of age and want to do something about it now. Here are some photos. In my opinion my calves do not match my body frame. Despite working them out daily, they refuse to grow. 

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. Calf muscles are the hardest of all body muscles to increase in size due to their dense compact type of muscle fibers. Calf implants are the immediate cure for that problem. Placed through a small incision in the popliteal crease behind the knee, they are placed underneath the fascia on top of the calf muscles providing an instant augmentation. In looking at your calf pictures I would recommend medium size calf implants for the medial calf muscle and small calf implants for the lateral calf muscle for a total of four calf implants.

While calf implants are instantly effective (just like breast implants) there is a substantial recovery from them. The calf muscles will be tight and sore and walking can be initially difficult for the first few days after surgery. It takes about three weeks to have a near full recovery from calf implant surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana