Cab My Frontal Bossing Be Reduced Enough To Get Rid Of The Valley Between It And The Brow Bones?

Q:Dr. Eppley, Hello. I wanted to tell Dr Eppley that my forehead masculinizes my face. There’s a bossing I would like to reduce. And a ‘line’ diving my lower and upper forehead I would like gone if possible. I had a hair transplant 2 years ago.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. The frontal bossing can be reduced within the limits of the thickness of the bone. While visible reduction will occur I suspect that it can not be reduced enough to eliminate the valley between the bossing and the brow bone area. To smooth out this transition, which will also make the bossing reduction look even better, will require filling in the valley a bit using some bone cement. Whether this addition will absolutely be needed as part of the bossing reduction can be known beforehand. That will have to be an intraoperative judgement.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon