C-Section Scar Revision

Dr. Eppley, I found your name on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and also on the website, RealSelf. 

I am experiencing pain and restrictions from an old c-section scar from 1985. The left end of the incision is indented and has adhered to the underneath muscle. I have tried many rounds of physical therapy to help it, but it now seems to be pulling so much that my hip flexor and groin area are becoming restricted and painful. 

I have hated the look of it ever since the day I got it, but I can’t deal with the restrictions and pain. Had it looked at by a general surgeon where I live about 10 years ago and he said he didn’t ‘believe’ in scar adhesions. 

Is a scar revision normally covered by insurance? Thank you for your time.

A: It is not rare that a c-section scar can create an adhesion down the abdominal wall, resulting in scar contracture pain. Whether the general surgeon you saw believed in scar adhesions or not, they do exist and they are real. Such c-section scar adhesions are easily solved by total excision of the scar down to the abdominal wall and bringing in fresh tissue to reconstruct the tissue layers from the bottom up to the skin. (C-section scar revision)  Scar revisions are not usually covered by insurance but that is a determination they have to make not one that I can since they write the policy and make the decisions about coverage.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana