Buttock Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m about 5’4 and roughly 115-120 pounds maybe a tad heavier. I’m considering buttock implants. I’m 23 soon to be 24 so I didn’t know what the options were? Time of surgery? Healing process ? Risks ? I’m hoping to hear from you very soon!

A: While I don’t know exactly what you body looks like, your height and weight measurements suggests that the use of fat for your buttock augmentation is unlikely to be inadequate. You may simply not have enough fat to harvest to do much of a buttock augmentation. I would really need to see some pictures of your body to answer that question better. if not that would then leave you with only the option of buttock implants. Whether implants would produce a satisfactory result depends on what your buttock augmentation goals. Implants generally produce a small to moderate buttock enlargement not a big buttock size increase.

Buttock implants can be very effective if one has a realistic understanding of what they can and can not do. Beyond this aesthetic issue, buttocks implants have a relatively long recovery time and it probably takes most patients a full month to get back to most of their normal activities.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana