Buttock Implant Replacement Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I am interested in buttock implant replacement surgery. How often do you do buttock implants weekly or monthly ? I really want 712cc. I know 548cc implants are available but that makes no sense to get when I already have 490cc. I believe Implantech has 600cc round but it won’t give a lot of projection like  the 712cc. I only want 712cc intermuscular. I truly hope this is very possible. Because when it’s not intermuscular I heard it doesn’t last and it will move around and possibly flip around. I also was told it will eventually sag.

A: I place buttock implants regularly. I would agree that to see a change in buttock size going from 490ccs to 548ccs will not make any visible difference. Only a several hundred cc size increase will be sufficient. So there is not a debate about the need to go 712cc to make an appreciable change if you are to have buttock implant replacement surgery..

That being said, there is no way any surgeon can know until surgery whether a 712cc implant will fit into an intermuscular space that has been previously expanded to 500ccs. It may or may not but that can not be predicted beforehand. I would think that a larger buttock implant size is possible because of the previous implant. But what that size would be would only be known in surgery and a range of increased buttock implant sizes must be available.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana