Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in a browlift after having a browlift. I had some injectable filler placed into my forehead and, because I did not like the result, I have it reversed by hyaluronidase injections. NowI think the skin has probably been stretched a bit by the product, making my brows lower. 

In light of this, I’ve started considering a browlift. I’d actually considered a subtle one before all of this anyway, but didn’t think I’d need it so soon. My question is, how would the skull implant affect the browlift? Would it make it hard to do? I am quite serious about this, so if you could share your thoughts I would really appreciate it!

A; When it comes to a browift, it depends on what technique you are contemplating as to how your current skull implant would effect the result or whether such a browlift can even be done. The one type of browlift that can not be done is an endoscopic technique. The endoscopic method depends on an epicranial shift which would now be impossible given that there is a skull implant in place. An excisional technique s possible using either your existing scalp incision or a hairline or pretrichial technique.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana