Brow Bone Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have some brow bone reduction questions. So if I were to undergo brow reduction surgery, would the metal plates in my head prevent me from getting MRI’s?

What are some other things that might result from getting this surgery? I read somewhere that the forehead becomes a bit “loose” because brow reduction decreases surface area. I suppose sort of like the opposite of a brow lift. Is this true?

Will I be able to function normally after I heal (head the soccer ball with my forehead, dive underwater, sneeze, blow my nose, etc)?

Also, may I see some pictures of what the scar may look like post surgery? I know the scar will be somewhere within my hairline, but I’d like to know if it’ll be noticeable.

A: In answer to your brow bone reduction questions:

1) The metal plate used injections brow bone reduction is made of a titanium,  a non-ferromagnetic metal. It will not interfere with getting an MRI or any other x-ray study.

2) There is no truth to the statement that the forehead becomes ‘loose’ after brow one reduction surgery.

3) You should be able to perform all physical activities without restriction after surgery. But I would wait a full 6 months after the surgery before having your head hit by a soccer ball.

4) There are two location for the incision for brow bone reduction surgery, at the hairline (pretrichial) or within the hairline. (coronal) Each incision has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana