Brow Bone Lowering

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in brow bone lowering. I would like a few changes on the upper eyelid or lower brow bone area of my face. I have attached an image below with the desired transformation. Do you believe that degree of change to be realistic for both eyes? If yes, would it be possible to do with some sort of upper eyelid filler? Would it be dangerous to inject in the inner eyelid corners as shown in the GIF image? Also, some eyelid surgeons claim filler in the upper eyelid tends to last for much longer time (2-3 years) compared to fillers injected in different areas of the face. Have you noticed so in your practice?

Thank you.

A: Your brow bone augmentation request is not rare in my young male facial reshaping experience. However brow bone (lowering via augmentatio is not possible with any method as you can not drive the eyebrows downward in any reliable and predictable fashion. This is not possible with filler, fat or even implants. That type of periorbital change is simply not an achievable goal. While brow bones can be augmented to create increased horizontal projection, make the soft tissues (eyebrow) to follow the augmented brow bone downward dress not happen

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana