Brow Bone Augmentation

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am male but my facial appearance lacks masculinity. My eyebrows shape is not straight but arched, the overall vertical extension of the eye area is high, and the forward protrusion of the brow bone is minimal. Could my brow bone be augmented in such a way that the base for the eyebrow moves down, and the eyebrow repositioned downwards and forming a straight line appearance. How close to that could my eyebrows get fixed? Thanks a lot.

A: This is a common question from young men who seek brow bone augmentation. The simple answer to your question is….no. Brow bone augmentation will push the eyebrows forward but not down. No surgical procedure can make your eyebrows go lower…short of a tissue expander placed first in the forehead to create more skin and then a brow bone implant placed. This is because the forehead/brow soft tissues are too tight and the amount of tissue that is available has been ‘made’ based on how the bone has developed. You would have to free up the tissues and create some excess to have the brows be driven further downward. But this would not likely create a straight eyebrow shape from a natural arched one.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana