Breast Lift

Dr. Eppley, I am disappointed that I can not have the breast lift and the breast implants done at the same time.  I am looking at a size D cup or C cup at the smallest.  I guess I am confused that if I just did the lift I thought I would need to do the implant as well or I would look funny.  If I need to do them separately, how long in between would I have to wait? Thank you for your time.

A: What is important to realize is that a lift and implant operations fundamentally fight against each other, one uplifts and tightens the breast mound while the implant expands and pushes out on the breast mound. It is easy too see how these two forces may be competing and cause both aesthetic (inadequate lift, inadequate volume) and medical (wound dehiscence, infection, loss of the nipple due to circulation impairment) complications in certain patients. Whether one is at risk for these potential issues depends on two factors; 1) the extent of the breast lift and 2) the size of breast implants desired. Many women do have a combined breast lift-implant operation but they are able to do that because either the extent of the beast lift they need is more limited and/or the size of the breast implant they aesthetically require is not large. Burt when you combine a full breast lift with larger breast implants, this is a surgical combination that at best will lead to unaesthetic result or at worst a major complication.

The interval between a full breast lift and breast implant placement would be three months.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana