Breast Implant Replacements

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in breast implant replacements with or without a breast lift. I have saline implants that are 18 years old. I was a small B and the implants brought me to a small D. I’ve had two children and breast fed without complications. I feel like the implants stayed in place and my breasts didn’t. I don’t really want them this large anymore anyways but I’m unsure if I should take them out and get a lift or get them smaller with a lift. It would partly depend  on cost but also on which one will look better. I just want a normal size and breasts that are perky.

A: It is not rare that pregnancy causes the existing breast tissue over implants to sag off of them after becoming enlarged and then deflated. This indicates that some form of a breast lift is absolutely needed, the only question is whether smaller implants are still needed to maintain persistent upper pole fullness of the breasts. A breast lift, while moving the nipple back up and tightening the breast mound around it will not maintain long-term upper pole breast mound fullness. This it is very likely that a small implant may still be needed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana