Breast Implant Profiles

Q: Dr. Eppley, I came in about a week ago to discuss breast augmentation. I am confused about breast implant profiles. I’m about five one and 100lbs. Right away I knew I wanted silicone due to them having a softer feel and I also was leaning towards moderate Plus due to the pictures that I have liked. They seem to look more natural well as natural as you can get with implants. Though right away you said high profile I’m sure it’s due to my small frame. My question is this afterwards will the high profile give me that two very round balls on my chest? Or will they hang a lil and have some side boob like real ones do? I just don’t want to look like I have balls on my chest though with my small frame will the high profile give me the boob look I’m looking for the noticeable though somewhat natural look. That the moderate Plus would give if I was a little wider? Could you help explain a little more the difference and looks please. I’m very interested I just want to be 100% with my decision. I understand with my small frame my options are limited. I believe I decided with 400cc round high profile silicone.. Thank you.

A: Your primary question about breast augmentation is in understanding the difference between high profile and moderate plus profile implants. To some degree, the size of 400cc in your body size is never going to look ‘natural’. Larger breast implants placed in smaller tight chested skin can not really avoid having a rounder/fuller look. That is more a function of the patient’s anatomy that it is being placed in and much less to do with the implant’s profile. There is also the very relevant issue of what happens with time (e.g., 6 months after surgery) as the tissues relax and settle after being so dramatically expanded in such a short time. Meaning implanted breasts that look high and round will always settle into a more natural shape over time. But the key issue is time and one has to be patient.

To better understand breast implant profiles, a high profile implant is less wide than the moderate plus. (even though they have similar 400cc volumes) This type of implant profile is often used in smaller women who are getting ‘bigger’ implants so the implant does end up too wide or too far to the side of the chest. (in the way of the swing of the arms) The tradeoff for that choice may be that they will slightly more round in the upper part of the breast. A moderate plus profile implant is more wide and slightly less high. It will have slightly less upper pole fullness but at the expense of more implant to the side. At the end of the day one has to choose which aesthetic tradeoff they prefer….a slightly rounder looking breast (high profile) or one that is a bit too far too the side. (moderate plus)

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana