Breast Augmentation in Kidney Transplants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am currently an A cup and would like to set up a consultation to review my eligibility for breast augmentation. I would like to consider a full B cup. Some information about me – 32 year old female, kidney transplant recipient five years ago and on dialysis for seven years prior to the transplant.I have wanted to have breast augmentation for many years and after a lot of research I have not been able to find anyone locally who has previously done this type of plastic surgery on a kidney transplant recipient. Please let me know your thoughts, I see that you do have previous experience in this specialized procedure.

A: I have done various types of cosmetic surgery in kidney transplant patients from breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, tummy tucks and facelifts. I have not seen any complications from any of these procedures despite the patients having a kidney transplant and being on immunosuppression. I think as long as your transplant doctors so not see a contraindication you should have an uncomplicated postoperative course.

In theory the elective placement of a synthetic device, like in breast augmentation, in a patient on immunosuppression seems one that would be fraught with peril but that has not been my experience.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana