Brazilian Butt Lift

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in buttock augmentation. I(Brazilian Butt Lift) What is the cost, how long would I have to be off work. what does it mean by not all of the fat would survive?

A: The cost of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is variable based on the ‘size’ of the assignment. The more fat that needs to be harvested is going to take more surgical time and costs. But on average the total cost of BBL surgery is in the range of $7500 to $8500. Recovery from BBL surgery is essentially like recovering from a major liposuction surgery. While I suspect you could get back to work in about 2 weeks after the procedure that does not mean you would be fully recovered. That probably takes about a full size weeks. The success of BBL surgery depends on how much fat actually survives the harvest and transfer process. What the amount of fat survival will vary amongst patients, it is far to say that not all of the fat will survive, usually only about 60% to 70% will be retained at the most optimistic estimate. This is why in most Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries it is important to harvest as much fat as possible and place as much as the buttock tissues can tolerate.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana