Bicep Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am inquiring about bicep implants on both of my arms as a result of two traumatic injuries from playing football. Several years ago I suffered a left distal bicep tear and had unsuccessful surgery to repair it. Then, my right bicep–the short head muscle–suffered what my surgeon called a rare trauma (partial tear) one year later and subsequently was unsuccessfully operated on. As a result of these injuries, I feel and look “deformed” and would like to cosmetically improve this since I am still relatively young and tend to my health very well.

I am able to provide current pictures of both of my arms as well as a “pre-trauma” one. To note, my entire life, aside from OTC supplements, I have been 100% natural and aside from limited alcohol use, never have either tried or experimented with tobacco or illegal drugs. While there are other doctors in various parts of the country who do this type of surgery, after researching you it’s apparent you are one of the top ones. 

A: While I will ultimately need to see pictures of your arm, both flexed and extended, what you undoubtably have is muscle atrophy from the tears from the bone. They may be different, one proximal and one distal, but their treatment is the same…the placement of subfascial subtotal bicep implants. Most likely the incisions used for your unsuccessful muscle surgery could be used for their placement.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana