Bad Plastic Surgery in Men

In researching a plastic surgery topic this week, I came across an entertainment article in which the writer presented an opinion on the top ten plastic surgery disasters in men. Using photographs, they compared the ‘before’ and ‘after’s of several well known male celebrities- of which there is no doubt that these men have had facial work done. And I am not referring to in-office procedures such as Botox and injectable fillers. All had obvious surgical manipulation of aging facial features.

Those listed are well chronicled and include often cited celebrities such as Kenny Rogers, Gary Shandling, Carrot Top, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Jenner, Burt Reynolds and Gary Busey to name a few. While I am certain that they don’t feel unusual looking, most women would disagree. This begs the question of what is it that makes them look unnatural? Is there a common problem that they now all share?

In reviewing these pictures it appears the problem lies for many of them in the work around the eyes and cheeks. On the whole, the appearance of these men has changed to more of a feminine look. This is the result of a variety of changes that include over-elevation of the brows, a ‘pulled too tight’ appearance around the eyes, and unnatural cheek bone augmentation giving an ‘apple-cheeked’ effect.  The neck and jowl lines, while no longer sagging, have changed them. In an effort to rejuvenate the aging and sagging face, they have been overlifted and plumped up too much.

This may make the skin much smoother and eliminate a lot of skin wrinkles and folds, but the end result is anything but ‘natural’ in appearance, and is a red flag that screams ‘facelift!’ to even the least discerning eye. Certainly, men care about their appearance as they age, and want to look as young as they feel.  With regard to celebrities, it’s a usually a foregone conclusion that plastic surgery is a necessity in order to keep pace with the up and coming younger entertainers.  However, great work – and natural looking results are never a guarantee in Hollywood surgical circles, and paying top dollar to a well-known or famous surgeon really has nothing to do with the final outcome.

To get a natural looking result in men, facial rejuvenation really has to be ‘underdone’ in comparison to that of a woman. Women can aesthetically tolerate more significant facial changes.. The goal of very smooth skin and sleek facial features simply looks better on women. Even when women have gone too far, they rarely look as bad as what can happen in men. Nips and tucks are very helpful to slow the aging process down in men, but dramatic sweeping changes simply trade-off one problem for another. Facial rejuvenation in men illustrates the age-old concept that less is often more.

Dr. Barry Eppley