At What Point After My First Surgery Should I Be Considering Revisional Rhinoplasty?

Q: I had a septorhinoplasty about six weeks ago. As a male, I was told that my thick oily skin will cause a lot of swelling in the tip of the nose that will take longer to settle down and go away. My concern is not the swelling in the tip of the nose but that it is drooping and the columella seems to be hanging too low. These were two key issues that I really wanted improved but right now it does not look like this has been achieved. Is it possible that my concerns are just do to swelling? Should I be considering early revisional  surgery?

A: While it is still early in the rhinoplasty healing process, some improvement in the major focus of the nose should be evident at this point. There is no doubt that swelling is still present at this point and it may be considerable. So all hope is not lost that the final result may still turn out satisfactory. Whether revisional surgery may or may not be needed can not be foretoold at this early sfter surgery point. What you don’t want to do in consideration of revisional surgery, however, is chase a ‘moving target’. Give the nose a full six months after surgery and then go back and get a more useful after surgery evaluation from your plastic surgeon. What matters most at thaty point is how is how much change has occurred from now until then. If improvemenmt has been seen, then more time may be adviseable. However, if there has been no visible significant change between 6 weeks and 6 months after surgery, then revisional surgery is going to be needed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana