At What Age Can Plagiocephaly Be Treated By A Skull Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My son is now 7 years old,  he developed Plagiocephaly just two months after he was born. I was a young new mom with severe postpartum with no help and knowledge on soft skulls of babies. I noticed his head being oddly shaped. I informed his doctor at the time and he said do more tummy time and didn’t really express the issue as something abnormal. I was under the impression that it rounds out as he gets older.  As time went on, after tummy time, rotating his head, etc, it never rounded out at all and once I realized I needed to help him, it was too late. Everyone including family members, the doctor and my husband just brushed it off. It wasn’t until my friend who was a doctor who saw him when he was 9 months and said it was bad and he needed a helmet, by that point it was too late and my husband at the time still didn’t think much of it. Since that time I haven’t had a day of regret and depression over it. I feel sad, upset and resentful! for I feel let down and hurt by the doctor who didn’t treat it as a medical issue! Dr. Eppley is my only hope! I researched for hours and hours and cried for hours trying to find a solution for this. Please let me know if there’s any hope for him, my prayers will be answered.

A:I don’t treat plagiocephaly as an external skull augmentation technique until the skull has come closer to full maturity. (aka 16 years of age) It is an effective approach but one with un known long terms risks in the developing skull.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon