At What Age Can I Get Chin And Jaw Implants?

Q:Hi Dr. Eppley. I will be 17 years old next summer. I’m looking to get some implants as I get a little older. Is there any way of creating a custom jaw/chin implant? If so, would this cost extra? If so, how much? Much appreciated. Also, what is the minimum age requirement if one wanted to get some facial implants? I’d like as much information as possible please. Much appreciated.

A: The timing of chin and jaw implants is based on two factors; the degree of jaw deficiency, one’s bite or occlusion and the near completion of jaw growth. At this age you want to be sure that you do not have a correctable malocclusion by a combined orthodontic and orthognathic surgery approach. If not, then chin and/or jaw angle implants may be appropriate. I certainly would not perform that surgery before the age 18 when jaw growth is closer to being complete in a male. Custom chin and jaw implants can be done and I do them on a regular basis. But whether they are really needed and offer any advantage over stock preformed implants must be determined on a regular basis. It is hard to give any reasonably accurate pricing when I don’t know whether one needs just a chin implant or whether one needs a combined chin and jaw angle implants for total jawline enhancement. In either case, custom implants will double the price of the surgery due to the need for special design and fabrication. For this reason, one has to have a very compelling anatomic need to justify the expense of a custom facial implant process.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana