As A Male Am I A Good Candidate For A Subnasal Lip Lift?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My philtrum length is roughly 1.7 – 1.8cm long, and so I think I would be an ideal candidate for a lip lift. My concern is that having the procedure would deform my nostrils. I have attached both side profile and front on images of my face. My nostrils are already quite prominent. I read that minor change in the nose can be a very real side effect. I was wondering whether it was likely the procedure would alter my nose for the worse? I have also heard of vermillion advancement surgery, but I’m unsure as to whether this shortens the philtrum length to give a lifted effect (which is my main reason for the surgery). Could you provide insight here? Thanks a lot.

A:While nostril distortion is not a side effect that I have ever seen from a subnasal lip lift, that risk is undoubtably dependent on how much upper lip tissue is removed as well as the surgical technique used to do it. (wrapping the excision/scar line around the nostrils is a sure way to potentially distort the nostrils) But the way to avoid that risk completely is a vermilion advancement which is also a more complete procedure as it changes the entire vermilion exposure from one mouth corner to the other. Men do exceptionally well with this procedure from a scar standpoint because of their beard skin. You are not an ideal candidate for a subnasal lip lift because of your thinner upper lip at the sides in which an isolated fuller central upper lip may create a A frame deformity appearance.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana