As A Male Am I A Good Candidate For A Hairline Advancement?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have been doing a lot of research on my procedure with you. Just a reminder. I want a custom made wrap around chin/jaw implant, zygo/cheek implant. I’m thinking about having my forehead reduced aka hairline advancement. I also feel like my forehead has a nice brow bone but feel like my forehead is rounded and not flat. I was curious when you do your hairline advancement where the incisions are placed? Can you also reduce the rounded bones surface to be flatter. I was talking with a surgeon currently. He does a incision horizontally and two vertical incisions at the temple/recision area.  I was curious what your incisions are. Does the scar heal lumpy or smooth? Is the scar “almost” invisible?  I like this guys profile of his brow bone to hairline. 

A: By definition a hairline advancement has to have incisions at the hairline….there is no other place to put them. How far down it extends into and along the temporal hairline is an individual decision. And no hairline incisions heal ‘invisible’ no matter what you are told

But the incisions aside you are not a good candidate for this procedure. You have too far a distance to move the hairline if your goals are the pictures you are shown. You simply can not move your hairline far enough forward to help create a straighter or flatter forehead. In addition you can’t reduce our forehead to make it flatter, it is too round and the bone is too thin. You can only add to the forehead to increase its verticality and flatness.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana