Are Fat Injections A Good Treatment For Skull Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, last year we had contact because I was really interested in skull reshaping. I would like to ask for your advice again.

Today I still struggle with the same problem and I still always wear bun to hide the shape of my head. To wear hair down is my biggest wish and this is why I am reaching out to you again.

I have a vague memory of what you recommend but the one thing I do remember is that int as just so expensive for me that I will never have the ability to ever do the surgery.

I found a clinic here where I live and had a consult with a surgeon and they recommended to get volume in the crown space of my skull with a fat transfer treatment. This is more affordable for me.

My question is whether you think this is a good solution for my skull augmentation problem.

A: Injection fat grafting is usually a very inferior approach to skull implant  augmentation unless the area is very small. But it is harmless to try and given your described economic limitations this is your only treatment option.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana