Are Titanium Facial Implants a Viable Option?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am curious about custom titanium facial implants. Seeing a lot of fear mongering on the internet regarding bone re-absorption, infection, etc. Can you update me with the latest information on risk? How long do titanium implants last before complications are possible? Possibility of muscle or nerve damage, or large scarring? Is titanium truly the best material for safety and longevity?

I’ve attached front and profile pictures as well as imaging I’ve done on them for how I’d like to look.

Is this a realistic expectation? The skin around my jaw is rather loose so I believe it could accommodate the size of the implant without over-stretching.

My under-eye area is a minor concern but I’m open to suggestions. It will probably get worse as I age.. runs in the family. I’m 25 now. Filler should work fine there but I haven’t tried fillers before.

Overall I want bigger zygos, a more pronounced, wider and straighter jaw line, and a more pronounced chin that closer lines up to my lips. I feel these changes would improve the harmony of my facial features such as my somewhat over-projected nose.

How close can you get me to the imaging and what is a ballpark price range I should expect to pay?

Thanks for your time. Looking forward to working with you.

A: The reality is that titanium as a custom facial implant material in the U.S. is not a viable option due to:

a) It’s tremendous cost (it would cost about $20,000 just to have the implants made) and

2) surgical placement. This is relevant to the jawline were the rigidity of the material will require it to be sectioned into four pieces and the need for larger incisions for placement

The risks of placing titanium implant in the face are identical to any other material from which custom facial implants are made. The material does not change those risk factors.

I see nothing unrealistic about the facial imaging you have done.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana