Are These Indentations On My Back Normal After Liposuction?

Q: I have a quick question…I got liposuction last year and I recently had to have it touched up in March. I noticed these “indentions” on the side of my back so I googled to see if it is normal and I ran across your post on Explore Plastic Surgery. I was just wondering if you could tell me if my back looks normal or if it is something that I should be concerned about? I never noticed this before I had the surgery and it is driving me crazy now because I am not sure if it looks right. I really appreciate your time. Thank you!

A:  What you have is linear indentations from the liposuction cannulas. That has created a groove or inward depression in this portion of your back. This is due to the amount of fat that has been removed in that one area compared to the surrounding back areas. This gives your upper back that V-shape look. It is not an issue of medical concern only one of aesthetic judgment. Whether this tapered look is considered aesthetically pleasing or not is a personal one. Some would consider that this aggressive liposuction has created an improved back contour. Others may feel that these indentations have created an undesired back contour.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana