Are There Specific Implants For Temporal Hollowing?

Q: Dear Dr. Eppley, i have really hollowed temporal areas and I have heard that there are temporal implants which can correct this. So can an implant be placed under the skin of the temporal regions? Also, can the implant be misplaced or is it screwed in place to stay there? Thanks a lot doctor 🙂

A: There are very specific temporal implants for the correction of different degrees of hollowing.  These temporal implants can be used in the various sizes or can be custom carved to fit any shape or size of the hollowing. They are placed through a small vertical hairline incision and their flexibility (silicone rubber) makes them capable of being inserted through a much smaller incision than one would think possible based on the size of the implant. They are not bone-based implants so they can not be screwed in to any of the surrounding bone. Rather, they are placed right underneath the temporalis fascia in a tight pocket so there is no chance that they can migrate or move from this position. It is a procedure that is associated with virtually no pain afterwards and very little swelling.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana