Are There Different Types of Jaw Angle Implants?

Q: Thank you for reviewing my photos and my desire to make some facial changes, particularly that of my jaw line. In looking at your computer imaging predictions, the jaw angle implants seemed to have lengthened my jaw angles quite a bit in the side view. I like the shape of my jaw for the most part and was looking mainly to add width from the front view.  I know there’s only certain jaw angle implants available so would that be possible or even advisable?  Also, do you think I’m a candidate for chin implants?  I’m now thinking those may help as well.

A: Thank you for your comments on the computer imaging as that clearly tells me what the right style of jaw angle implant/change that you desire. The one I depicted was the style known as an inferolateral jaw angle implant which does just what you have described and seen, it makes the jaw angle longer and wider simultaneously. Having seen that you have described and preferred what is known as the other jaw angle implant style which exists known as a lateral projection or width only style. That is a very distinct jaw angle implant style and is easier and less traumatic to place as the tissues at the lower border of the jaw do not have to be stripped off to place the implant.

 As for chin implants, there are a half dozen styles that make different chin dimensional changes. What type of chin change do you think you would like? That helps in selecting the best type of chin implant style for you.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana