Are There Any Problems With Breast Augmentation in Patients With Spine Curvatures?

Q: I would like to have breast augmentation. I have never had because I feared the curvature of my spine might be a problem. I have curvature of the spine, two curves to be exact. I have NEVER really had any problems with it. However, I am not even an A cup and want to go to a D cup. Any issues I should be aware of??

A: Curvature of one’s spine could pose two potential problems for breast augmentation, although neither is preventative from having the operation. The first issue is the potential impact of any significant curvature might have on the lungs or pulmonary capacity. If severe one would have some obvious pulmonary restrictions and this could be a problem for general anesthesia. But your curvature does not sound that severe since you have never had any known problems with it. The second issue is an aesthetic one. Curvature of the spine may give the chest some asymmetry when standing which could give the breasts small differences in size or horizontal position. Any breast asymmetry from spine curvature could be magnified when the breasts become enlarged, particularly up to a D cup size. While all breast augmentation patients must accept the risk of implant asymmetry, that risk may be increased in patients with visible spine curvatures. Short of these potential issues, I see no other issues that would not be standard  in you having breast augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana