Are There Any New Injectable Fillers For Permanent Jawline Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am still contemplating getting fillers for jawline augmentation. it has been awhile since I contacted you. Is there any new filler that is a injectable solid or implant so I don’t have to worry about migration or accidentally injecting into an artery since it would stay one piece. I read somewhere there was one in development that injects as a liquid but immediately becomes a solid? Is there a bone paste that can be injected also that can be injected along the jawline? Anything else new that is in production I am looking for augmentation in my jaw and chin, perhaps cheeks and nasolabial too? Is the jaw and chin the least likely to have a accidental injection into an artery and you go blind, any reports of this? Is there any type of imaging that can show where the actual arteries are in the face to stay clear of while you are injecting?

A: 1) I know of no new injectable fillers that have any of the properties that you describe/desire.

2) Do not confuse so called injectable bone cements with that of injectable fillers. They have very different properties and are not used the same way.

3) There is no type of imaging that exists to avoid arteries doing injections….that only currently exists for veins around the eyes..

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana