Are There Any Negative Effects On My Nose Or Upper Lip From Paranasal or Premaxillary Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting paranasal/premaxillary implant to build out my nose area. I have a few questions/concerns with these implants.

1.  Will the implants cause my nostrils to show more, less or the same from front and side views? I don’t want a pig snout.  I think my nostrils show too much already since my rhinoplasty so I don’t want it to get worse. 

2.  Will the implants cause my upper teeth to show less?

3.  Approximately how long will my face be swollen and bruised?

4.  Will the implant show bulky or any bulges under my skin?

5.  Can you fix the area under my lower lip between the chin and lower lip to not look like it is pushed in?  It’s hard to tell on the pictures, but having some teeth removed prior to orthodontics has made my lower lip look pushed in and my chin come down with smiling which you said you could fix.  Is there a filler or implant I can use to get that projection instead of the dent/depression I have under my lower lip? 

A: In answer to your questions about parasnasal or premaxillary implants,

1) I don’t believe it will change your nostrils to any significant degree. I am assuming when you mean nostril show that you mean the tip of the nose would move upward thus exposing more nostril show. This will not happen.

2) There should be no impact on your upper tooth show. In other words, it doesn’t lift or shorten the upper lip.

3) There will be some swelling that show largely be gone by three weeks after surgery. I have never seen any bruising with paranasal or premaxillary implants.

4) The implant will not have any visible edges. The nasal base/midfacial tissues are too think to ever show an implant edge. 

5) I believe you are referring to the depth of what is known as the labiomental sulcus or crease, which is the groove between the lower lip and chin. This is best softened in depth by the placement of a subcutaneous implant (Permalip) made just for that type of augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana