Are There Any Adverse Effects From Ligation Of The Superficial Temporal Artery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Have you performed many/any superficial temporal artery procedures, either removals or ligations? I am considering this route to rid myself of the unsightly and anoying pulsation feeling. I am concerned about possible negative effects of tampering with an artery, especially one in the head. Thank you for any help or advice you may offer.

A: Improvement of a large and prominent superficial temporal artery can be successfully done. Patients may desire that the artery be diminished in size due to its appearance or from uncomfortable pulsations in it. Manipulation/ligation of the branches of the superficial temporal artery will have no negative effects on vascularization of the scalp and forehead. Thus I have seen no adverse effects from its manipulation other than some minor scars for entrance to the ligations. Generally, at least two small access incisions are needed, one in the temporal hairline and another in the forehead. The artery must be ligated from different areas since there are multiple backflow points into the artery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana