Are Synthetic Implants The Only Option For Very Small Buttocks?

Q: I don’t have a butt and my tail bone sticks out further then my butt. I have an pronounced tail bone and don’t have a butt. It hurts to sit long periods of time because of my tail bone and having no butt. My butt is really small and has no outside fat or butt to it. I can never find pants to fit because of having no butt to hold them up. I don’t wear bathing suits because of what little butt I have. I am 26 years old and would like to have a butt and not be embarrassed to wear tight jeans and/or a nice bathing suit in the summer time. I would like to see if you can help me with this. I had Ricket’s as a child and that is why I didn’t grow a butt. That is what the doctor’s told me and I would like to finally have a nice butt. Please help me if you can.

A: Buttock augmentation can be done by either injecting your own fat or using synthetic implants. While I usually prefer fat injections for buttock enlargement in my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice, there are certain limitations to its use. You have to have enough fat to harvest for transfer and there has to be some subcutaneous fat in your buttocks to put fat into. Fat grafts need an adequate fat bed to be implanted and grow. With absolutely no buttock substance at all (completely flat), fat injections are not a viable option. With such lack of buttock volume, the body habitus of such patients is that they would not have adequate fat to harvest anyway.

Buttock implants are the only option with such severe buttock hypoplasia. While the recovery and risks of buttock implants are important to consider, their submuscular placement is necessary if any significant buttock enlargement is to be obtained in a very thin patient. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana