Are Preformed Or Custom Jaw Implants Better For Me?

Q: I’m very interested in chin and jawline enhancement, particularly the solid one piece custom made framework. I have very little time off these days due to the economy so time off and downtime is of great concern for me. I loved the before and after pictures and would be ecstatic to get rid of my beard which I have worn since I was 19. I have had several other surgeries with great success and am very pleased with their outcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. There are numerous types of preformed and custom jawline implants, depending upon one’s lower jaw and neck anatomy. Most are three-piece assembled units (extended chin and jaw angles) as opposed to a single-piece unit. The only one-piece unit is when only vertical elongation of the mandible/chin is being done which is the least common.

Whether one can be augmented with available preformed implants or requires a custom approach depends on what one wants to achieve as it relates to the jawline. I would need to see some pictures of you and do some computer imaging of the options to see the differences between a preformed vs a custom approach. The basic difference is that custom jaw implants offer increased augmentation sizes and can create a smooth straightline jawline from the chin back to the jaw angle. There has to be a compelling reason to use the custom approach as it requires a CT scan from which a model and the implants are made and thus costs more.

Whether preformed or custom jaw implants are used, the recovery is no different. While there are few physical limitations afterwards (other than some temporary restricted oral opening), there is considerable facial swelling which takes up to three weeks until it largely passes.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana