Are My Jaw Angle Implants Too Big?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve undergone jaw angle implants one week ago and, as many patients, I am worried about the implants’ size. I’ve used the 10mm Terino’s lateral implants. This picture of myself is the pre-op front view m in order for you to know what I was like before and judge better. 

I know it’s very early to judge but I think the implants are little bigger than I expected. I am worried about the outer line of my face and the gonial angle shape which is slightly outer from the cheekbones right now. 

According to your experience do you think the outline of my angles will be shrinked to come slightly inside (OR at least match the cheekbones) in the final result?  (according to the pro-op image) 

Thank you.

A:If you are just one week after surgery every patient will think they are too big. You have less than 50% of the swelling that has gone done which takes a full 6 weeks for most of it to resolve and a full three months before the tissues fully shrink down and wrap around the implants to see the true final effect. Thus no feeling that you have now is an accurate indicator of the final result. No one can predict the final result now, this is a function of time and patience. Your surgeon should have fully advised you of the length of the recovery process until the final results is evident.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana