Are My Chin Reduction Goals Realistic?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve been researching within the fields of plastic surgery for a while, searching for the ideal solution for my somewhat elongated facial appearance. I’ve ultimately concluded that I would probably benefit quite significantly from a chin reduction – shortening my vertically long chin.What I’m looking for, is to give my lower face a more angular and masculine look, whilst decreasing the length of my face. I’ve been very impressed by your work, and have decided to contact you first and foremost for an opinion or two on my appearance. I have a couple of pictures for you to look at, if you have the time.My front profile in original, compared with my photoshop-altered front profile to give you an idea of what I’m roughly considering. All I did, was reduce the vertical length of my chin. As you can see, doing so greatly improves my facial balance (At least that’s my interpretation). I hope you’ll take a look at these and give me your take. I’d like to know if you find my expectations realistic.

A: In reviewing your pictures and imaging, I would agree completely that your vertical chin reduction goals are very realistic. That is probably a 5 to 7mm vertical chin reduction by osteotomy and ostectomy and, as you have shown by your own imaging, it makes all the difference. It can be surprising how one simple change like vertical chin length can make a difference in how the whole face is perceived.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana