Are Mandibular Angle Implants Possible After BSSO Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Thanks again for all your help, Dr. Eppley. I just wanted to update you that I recently had an overnight sleep study. If I have sleep apnea, as the oral surgeon suspects due to my airway, we will move forward with jaw surgery to address the airway and also do a genioplasty. If I don’t have sleep apnea, then only genioplasty. He feels the lower jaw could be extended regardless, but double jaw surgery only if there is sleep apnea.

I just had a question, though, which you’re the expert in. Let’s say I have jaw surgery for the sleep apnea and combine the genioplasty with it.  If I’m still not satisfied with the width of my lower jaw, are mandibular angle implants s even possible? I know you recommended a staged approach, but I wondered if it even possible to augment a jaw after it’s gone through jaw surgery. The narrowness of my lower jaw concerns me.

A: Yon can always do mandibular angle implants after BSSO surgery. That is very commonly done and up to 1/3 of jaw angle and custom jawline implant patients have had prior orthognathic surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana