Are M Style Medpor Cheek Implants Custom Made?

Q: Dr. Eppley,Hello, back in 2018 i underwent cheek augmentation via cheek implant. i wanted a model look, so i wanted auumentation laterally(so that my midface have the classic hollow look in comparison to my high cheek bones). on the quote it was written zygomatic arch implants. however when i looked into my OP report it said M shaped medpor implants(not mentioning zygoma),size small. on the colnsult we agreed on medium size zygomatic arch, allegedly custom made. however i did get a fat transfer into cheeks a bit priorly to implant surgery, awhile back. and after implant surgery he informed me that he had to go with small implant instead. right off the bat, i was unhappy with results. and 5 years later, i finally have to courage to remove the implants. as i look over the OP report, i wonder how would he just come up with smaller size implants on the table, if zygomatic ones are custom? what are M sized implants, is that different from zygomatic arch implant? could it be something like a regular malar implant?as i suspect placement might be different(over bone or soft tissue?). should i inquire that with the surgeon before removal consult with you? to provide you with the fuller picture?

A: I can not address or will respond to what took place between you and your surgeon both before or during cheek implant surgery…..I was not there. My only general comments would be:

1) As I perceive and do zygomatic arch augmentation with implants, there are no standard implants to achieve that effect. They must be custom made to extend back along the entire zygomatic arch. Standard cheek implants are not zygomatic arch implants

2) Contemporary custom facial implants are made from the patient’s 3D CT scan.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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