Are Injectable Fillers Safe To Be Used To Fill In My Eyebrow Dent?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Over the years I have lost fat above my left eyebrow that is causing a very noticeable shadow in different lights. The shadow/dent makes it seem I am angry all the time even when my face is at rest. It is causing me to be very insecure with my appearance. I have heard that fillers can be used to fill this area, however, have heard that it is a very high risk area to treat due to the arteries around. Can you provide any recommendations on potential treatments that may work to lessen the appearance? I have provided a picture to this message as well.

I appreciate your time so much.

A:Injectable fillers would be an appropriate place to initially treat this left eyebrow subcutaneous fat atrophy problem. The key is to use a cannula injection technique rather than a needle approach as this reduces the risk of any inadvertent arterial injection. There are obviously bone augmentation implants/techniques to use as well but the use of injectable fillers and fat would seem to be the best initial approach to it.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana