Are Injectable Fillers A Good Idea For Jaw Augmentation?

Q: I have a weak jaw in terms of width and projection, coupled with a long and narrow face. I don’t wish to get any implants into my face as this idea scares me. I believe my only option now to add width to my jaw would be dermal fillers. How many mm can dermal fillers like Radiesse and others add to the jaw. I believe I am 10-15 mm deficient in terms of the jaw. What is the maximum the best dermal filler can give in terms of width? What is the name of this filler?

A: I am afraid that the very thing that scares you is the only good option to do. While Radiesse injectable filler can be added to any area along the jawline, it would take a lot of material to create 10 to 15mms of bony augmentation. That cost alone would well exceed $10,000 to $15,000 for a result that would last at best 1 year. That cost is comparable to surgically implanting multiple jaw implants which would be permanent and last a lifetime, provided they suffered no initial complications.

Injectable fillers for bone augmentation is to provide some subtle highlights that do not justify surgery or as a trial to see if implants might be a good choice. Facial implants are for significant volume and contour change that require broad surface areas of material. Your jaw problem is better suited to the latter. Injectable fillers are not a good option for you.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana