Are Hollow Cheeks Of Facial Aesthetic Benefit or A Liability?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Are hollow cheeks an asset or liability? I’ve been considering filling them, but am hesitant. Wish I could attach some photos. 

Models have them. So do gaunt faces. 

Why is it some can look so young with hollow cheeks while others so old? 

Is it simply the degree of hollowing? Or is there something more, like the distribution of fat— so that someone could be “hollow in a good way” or “hollow in a gaunt way”. 

Is it a male vs. female thing, with males looking chiseled and females gaunt? 

Yet another possibility I could think of is that hollow cheeks complement some bone structures but detract from others. 

The photos attached are of my cheeks. I’ve been considering filling them to restore youthfulness. Advised I’ve received has ranged from “recommended, will turn the clock back years” to “are you crazy, you know how many people want hollowness like that but can’t get it”. Please advise!

A: Since I have no idea what you look like or your idea of facial aesthetics I can only make the following comments:

1) There is a difference between youthful and isolated hollow cheeks and an age-related overall facial lipoatrophy in which hollow cheeks occur. The youthful one can be aesthetically appealing (hollow on a good way), the aging one never is. (hollow in a gaunt way)

2) What level of cheek and jaw bony prominence that exists around hollow cheeks has a major influence on the perception of hollow cheek aesthetics.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana