Are Head Widening Temporal Implants Comfortable?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Here are some questions I have about head widening surgery with temporal implants. I am very interested in this procedure but just want t make sure I have all of my bases covered being having it.

1) When having the implants in the head, are the visible in airport X-Ray and scanning machines, it would be quite embarrassing to have them visible in the machines?

2) Are they comfortable to have in the head?

3) Is there some other alternatives than having the implants.

I would appreciate your help in answering my questions. I really have a big head shape problem in the width and I want to change this permanently.

A: In answer to your specific questions about head widening surgery through temporal implants:

1) Silicone implants can not be detected by x-rays or airport scanners.

2) Submuscular temporal implants feel very comfortable and natural and patients do not report any abnormal feelings from having them in place.

3) An alternative to implants for head widening surgery would be fat injections with PRP. (platelet rich plasma)

Heading widening surgery done with submuscular temporal implants is a very effective procedure that is accomplished in a scar-fee scalp technique through post auricular incisions.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana