Are Deltoid Fat Injections Dangerous?

Q: Dr. Eppley, One question related to deltoid fat injections: I see many articles online how fat should only be grafted to a deltoid within a certain triangular shape on the side dealt. Is this true? 

-Or can be fat be injected anywhere intramuscularly into the deltoid muscle, including the front deltoid?

-I believe the triangular shape on the side dealt is to keep you clear of arteries. But going by your last email it sounds like there is no concern at all..?

Thanks in advance!

A: In answer to your deltoid fat injections questions:

There are three heads to the deltoid muscle, all of which can be injected with fat. Their arterial blood supply, where the artery is larger, comes in more proximal to where the fat is injected. The concern about fat emboli with fat injections is about inadvertent injection into a large vein which is a low pressure system that flows away from the muscle towards the lungs. There are no such large veins like those that are present in the buttocks in the deltoid muscles.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana