Are Chin And Jaw Augmentation Different?

Q: I have looked into chin implants and, a local plastic surgeon with whom I shadowed in town, felt that a simple chin implant would only bring the skin forward in the front and not actually give me the square, fuller  jaw, and more forward chin, I was looking for to balance the face. So my question would be, is chin and jaw augmentation the same thing or are they different procedures? If they are then would “chin” augmentation be my best bet?

A: Chin and jaw augmentation are different but related. Chin augmentation refers to building out the front part of the chin or jaw, otherwise known as the anterior prominence. Jaw augmentation most commonly refers to jaw angle implants which accentuate the size and prominence of the posterior jaw prominence. While they are often done separately, it is not rare to have them both done at the same time to get a total jawline enhancement effect. A chin deficiency is frequently part of an overall ‘weaker’ jawline, so the three point augmentation approach (one chin, two jaw angles) can create a better defined and more masculine lower third of the face.

While jaw angle augmentation exclusively uses implants, chin augmentation can be done with implants or by moving the bone known as an osteotomy. Whether one is better served by a chin implant or a chin osteotomy, and the size and style of jaw angle implant needed, requires a careful facial assessment and the use of computer imaging to make those determinations for each individual patient.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana